Important Stuff

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+ Prices are listed next to each item!
+ I accept Money Orders, Paypal, and Cash [at your own risk!!]
+ And since Paypal forced me to get a Premier account, I must now [sadly] charge fees. @_@" So please go here and calculate your fee
+ And if you need feedback, here's a link to mine on eBay. ^-^!
+ I have no problems shipping around the world--but shipping might be a little more than posted, please keep that in mind. No, it won't be crazy more. Maybe like a $1 or $2. I'm not going to charge you $10 extra because you live in like England or something. L0L
+ Need me to hold something? No problem! ^_^! But after the last day of holding, and I have no payment by the next morning, it's going back up for sale. Unless I get another e-mail/comment saying that you need extra time. I'm very understanding so don't be afraid to ask for an extension on time. ^0^!
+ No refunds. Sorry, but--just no. lol
+ You want more pictures of a certain item? Ask, I'll take more. ^_^ lol
+ Also, when sending payment, please include a little note of the name of the item you bought. ^-^

Hmm, I think that's about it! So have fun browsing~ Hope you find something you like!♥